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Add Photos to a Drawing (Android)

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To link photos to a drawing using the Procore app on an Android mobile device.

Things to Consider


  1. Navigate to the Drawings tool using the Procore app on an Android mobile device.
  2. Tap the drawing to which you want to add a photo. 
  3. Select the camera icon icon-drawing-markup-photo.png from the Markup toolbar, or select an existing camera markup icon in the drawing to add additional photos to the location. See image below:

  4. Tap the location on the drawing where you want to place photos.
  5. Select from the following options:
    • Choose from Procore: Tap this option to select an existing photo from your project's Photos tool.
    • Choose from Library: Tap this option to select a photo file from your mobile device's photos library. 
    • Take Photo: Tap this option to take a new photo with your device's camera. Once you've finished taking the photo, you will be prompted to mark up the drawing. Tap Save.
      Note: You can move the camera icon around after you have added photos to your personal layer, but you cannot move the icon once you've published the photos for everyone on the project to see on the published layerWhat is the difference between personal and published drawing markups? 

Next Steps

  1. View the photos you've linked by selecting the Select markup tool and tapping the camera icon in the drawing.
  2. View all photos you've added to drawings in the Photos tool in the 'Photos from Drawings' album.
  3. Optionally, you can Publish Personal Drawing Markups (Android) for the whole team to reference.