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Link a Correspondence Item on a Drawing (Android)

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To link correspondence items to drawings in the project's Drawings tool on an Android mobile device.

Things to Consider


  1. Navigate to the project's Drawings tool using an Android mobile device.
  2. Tap the drawing that you want to add a correspondence item to.
  3. Tap the markup tool that you want to use.
  4. Use your selected tool to draw a shape or enter text on the drawing. See Mark Up a Drawing (Android).
  5. Tap the markup that you added.
  6. Tap Link.
  7. Tap Correspondence.
  8. Tap the correspondence item that you want to link to this drawing markup.
  9. If you want others to be able to view the linked correspondence item on the drawing and in the Links section on the correspondence item, tap the markup and then tap Publish. See Publish Personal Drawing Markups (Android).