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À quoi sert la section « Ajustements » sur un formulaire de soumission dans l'espace d'appels d'offres?

Les informations contenues dans la présente FAQ s'appliquent aux comptes avec le produit Gestion financière du portefeuille dans Procore. Contactez votre Procore point of contact pour plus d'informations.


When creating or editing a bid form in a Bid Room in Portfolio Financials, there is an Adjustments sections with additional options that can be enabled or disabled. 


La section Ajustements propose les options supplémentaires suivantes pour une soumission :

  • Additions: This provides bidders with the opportunity to add costs that were not covered by the line items on the bid form.
    Note: Additions are included in the total bid amount.
  • Alternates: If there are alternates specified for the project, you can include them here so that pricing is lined up across the board when bids are submitted. Bidders can also propose their own alternates.
    Note: Alternates are not included in the total bid amount by default, but you will have the option to include them for analysis purposes.
  • Hourly Rates: List out any hourly rates that you want all bidders to provide. This section is most often used when bidding out service contracts.
    Note: Hourly rates are NOT included in the total bid amount.
  • Unit Prices: List out any unit prices that you want all bidders to provide.
    Note: Unit prices are not included in the total bid amount.
  • Exclusions : Cela fournit aux soumissionnaires un espace pour indiquer les exclusions. Ils peuvent en ajouter autant qu'ils en ont besoin, mais chaque exclusion est limitée à 140 caractères.

The sections can be turned on or off by clicking the relevant checkmark or x (as shown below):