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Comment fonctionnent les approbations de soumission dans Gestion financière du portefeuille?

Les informations de cette FAQ s'appliquent aux comptes avec le produit Gestion financière du portefeuille de Procore. Veuillez contacter votre Procore point of contact pour de plus amples informations.


After you click Select Bidder for a bid, you will enter a four step process to officially submit the bid for approval. Watch the training video below, or jump to the steps in the Steps section. 




  1. Finalize the bid. You can review the final bid price and schedule of values breakdown. Depending upon the setup requested by your Company Admin, you may or may not have the option to edit the Schedule of Values.
  2. Set up the approval package. 
    This is where can include a reason for your bidder recommendation, review the proposed award price alongside the project budget and any other committed costs, and upload any additional documents.
    Note: A copy of the bid comparison is automatically generated and included in the package.

  3. Review approvers. 
    Make sure to review the approval chain for the specific bid, given the assigned thresholds.

  4. Review and send the bid for approval. 
    Click Send For Approval to send an email to the next person in the approval chain to let them know that it is time for them to review.


    After an individual logs in to Procore and approves the bid, an email will be sent to the next person in line. The process repeats until the bid is officially approved. 
    Note: After the approval workflow has been initiated and individual approvals are pending, the page shows the following:

  5. Une fois que tous les approbateurs ont soumis leur approbation, cliquez sur Finaliser les paramètres du contrat pour créer le contrat.