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Below are the notable changes to the project's Bidding tool in 2019.

Recent Changes 

Added Ability to Select Drawings from Drawing Areas (6/4/2019) 

You can now select drawings from drawing areas (if enabled) when attaching files to your bid package.

Right-click to Open or Edit Bid Packages (5/9/2019)  

Updated the Bidding tool to allow users to right-click to open or edit bid packages in a new tab from the Bid Packages list page.

Added the Quick Add Feature for the Directory Tool to Add Bidders (5/7/2019)  

Added the Directory tool's Quick Add feature to the Add Bidders step in the Bid Package creation wizard. 

Redesigned Bid Package Setup Experience (4/30/2019)  

Procore has enhanced the project's Bidding tool by redesigning it to include a new bid package creation experience, the ability to send bid invitation emails from your personal email address or Procore, and to upload and manage all bid files in one place. For details, see Bidding: Redesigned Bid Package Setup Experience.

Added the Ability for ERP Enabled Projects to Convert Bids to Purchase Orders (3/4/2019) 

Added the ability for users with Bidding Admin permissions on ERP enabled projects to convert bids to purchase orders. See Award a Winning Bid and Convert into a Purchase Order.

Add Companies and Contacts to the Company Directory from the Bidding Tool (2/14/2019) 

Project Directory Admins can now add new company and contact records to the Company level Directory tool while using the Bidding tool's Search for Bidders feature. See Add New Companies and Contacts to the Company Directory from the Bidding Tool.