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Release Notes

Below are notable changes to the project's Schedule tool. 

Recent Changes

Configure Gantt Chart Columns in the Project Schedule Tool (05/14/2021)

Users now have the flexibility to configure all columns on the Gantt chart to their liking. Configuring the columns from the configure drop down allows users to dictate what order the columns show on the Gantt chart. Previously, the Task Name column was locked into the the first position, see Configure Columns.

Sortable Columns in Gantt View (02/17/2021)

Columns in the Gantt view on web can now be sorted within Procore. When you click on a column it will sort the values in that column from low to high or from high to low.

Added 'Lookaheads' Source for Custom Company Schedule Tasks Reports (02/16/2021)

Procore has added 'Lookaheads' as a source option you can use when creating custom company reports. See Create a Custom Company Report.

New Granular Permissions for the Project Level Schedule Tool (02/11/2021)

Procore has added new granular permissions for the Project level Schedule tool to allow users with 'Read Only' or 'Standard' level permissions on the tool to complete various tasks. See Grant Granular Permissions in a Project Permissions Template.

Added 'Lookaheads' Source for Custom Project Schedule Tasks Reports (02/09/2021)

Procore has added 'Lookaheads' as a source option you can use when creating custom project reports. See Create a Custom Company Report and Create a Custom Project Report.

Procore Lookaheads Feature Now Available in the Schedule Tool (02/09/2021)

Procore has released its new Lookaheads functionality within the project level Schedule tool. This feature allows users to create schedule subtasks based off their integrated master schedule file. Lookaheads operates separate from the master schedule file and modifications to a Lookahead do NOT impact an integrated master schedule. Lookaheads can be created to range from 1-6 weeks. See Create a Lookahead Schedule.

Export Lookahead to PDF (12/6/2020)   

The Project level Schedule tool has been updated to allow the Lookaheads of a project's schedule to be exported as a PDF file. See Export a Project Schedule.

Update Percent Complete for Schedule Tasks on iOS and Android (11/17/2020)

Users with 'Admin' permissions on the Project's Schedule tool can now update the Percent Complete for imported schedule tasks using the Procore mobile app. Users with 'Standard' and 'Read Only' permissions with the Granular Permissions to ‘Update Task Completion Percentages’ enabled can also update the Percent Complete on mobile. See 'How do I allow users to update the 'Percent Complete' field in the Schedule tool?'.

New Design and User Experience for Schedule Tool on Mobile (11/17/2020)

Users can now enjoy a new user experience and design when using the Schedule tool on their iOS an Android devices. This new experience and design lays the foundation for future mobile enhancements to the Schedule tool, including a new Mobile Percent Complete feature, which will be available soon to all users. New functionality and design you'll see with this update includes:

  • A new 'Resource' filter, allowing users to filter down the list of tasks relevant to them.
  • An 'All' option to allow the user to view all tasks on the project. Previously you could only view tasks in a day, week, or month time frame.
  • A updated schedule banner. If the schedule has been modified since the last time the user logged in, we'll display a banner with the date and time the schedule was last updated.
Report on 'Overdue' Schedule Tasks using Custom Reports Tool (10/16/2020)  

'Overdue' has been added as a reportable field at the project and company level of the custom Reports tool. Users can now report on 'Overdue' schedule tasks, as well as filter and group schedule task by 'Overdue'. See Create a Custom Project Report.

Create a Report on Requested Changes for the Schedule Tool (04/17/2020)  

'Requested Changes' has been added as an option when creating a custom report on Schedule Tasks in the project's Reports tool. This allows users with appropriate permissions to the project's Reports tool to create custom reports on requested schedule changes in the project's Schedule tool. See Create a Custom Project Report. A new customizable report with data on pending schedule change requests called 'Change Requests' has also been added to the Schedule Reports section in the Project level Reports tool.

Export Gantt View to CSV (03/19/2020)  

The Project level Schedule tool has been updated to allow the Gantt view of a project's schedule to be exported as a CSV file. See Export a Project Schedule.

Updated Gantt Chart View (02/25/2020)  

The Gantt view of the Project level Schedule tool has been redesigned with a refined look and expanded functionality. This update makes it easier to navigate through the schedule and view important information. See View a Project Schedule.
Note: Since the updated Gantt chart provides a more comprehensive and flexible experience with several new features, the Microsoft Project Viewer in Procore has been removed. In addition, the Gantt Chart settings (such as 'Enable MS Project Viewer Gantt Chart' and Task Level colors) are no longer available in the Schedule tool's Configure Settings page.

All Changes

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