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Upload and Submit a Submittal


To respond for a request for action on a submittal as a subcontractor on a construction project (i.e., to upload attachments and respond to a general contractor's request for action on a submittal).


If the general contractor for a construction project assigns you to the 'Submitter' role in a submittal workflow, it means you will be required to perform an action on a submittal. For example, you might be required to upload drawings, plans, or other documents as attachments to the submittal in order to fulfill the submittal requirements and then proceed with the design review.

Typically, submittals in Procore are created by a submittal manager (however, the submittal manager role can be reassigned). That person names the submittal item and then completes the basic data entry on the submittal. The submittal manager also designates members of the project team as either a 'Submitter' or 'Approver' on the submittal workflow.

If you are designated as a 'Submitter' (typically a subcontractor), Procore will send you an automated email message with the subject line 'Action Required on a Submittal' to alert you that the general contractor requires your response on the submittal. 

Depending on the specific requirements of your agreement, you may be required to upload attachments (documents, drawings, plans, etc.) to the submittal, which will later be sent to the design team for review and approval. To assist you with this process, the email notification (see illustration below) contains a View Online link. It may also contain attachments that you might need to download and review before responding to their request for action. 


Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • To respond to a request for action on a submittal, 'Standard' level permissions on the Submittals tool. 
      Note:  If you are a subcontractor, you can determine if your Procore user account has been assigned the appropriate permission level by navigating to the Submittals tool. If you can see the Create Submittal button, you can respond to the submittal. 
  • Requirements:
    • For the system to send you an automated email notification, you must have (1) a Procore user account that has been granted a minimum of 'Standard' level permission on the project's Submittals tool and (2) be designated as the 'Submitter' in submittal workflow. Additionally, the user who created the submittal (or the 'Submittal Manager') must have clicked the Create and Send Emails button in the submittal. 
  • Additional Information:
    • Depending on the GC's preferences, you might receive an email when various actions are performed on the submittal such as when reviewer leaves a comment, an attachment is uploaded, and/or when a reviewer changes his or her submittal response.


Respond to the Request for Action

  1. Choose from one of these options:
    • Open the email message and click the View Online link. If you are not currently logged into Procore, you will be prompted to log in (see Log into Procore Web). 

    • Log in to Procore and navigate to the project's Submittals tool. Next, locate the desired submittal in the 'Items' view and click the View link (Note: Your name will be listed in the 'Ball In Court' field). 

      This opens the submittal in view mode. A YELLOW banner appears at the top of the page indicating that the submittal requires your attention. 

  2. Submit the required information for the submittal as follows:
    • Due Date. Review the due date on the submittal. This is the date by which you will be required to submit a response. 
    • Text Box. In the box provided, enter your official response to the submittal. 
    • Attach File(s). Click the link to upload any required files (Note: You can also move files from your computer to the Drag and Drop Files box). 

  3. Click Submit.
    The system uploads the files to the submittal in the project's Submittals tool. The system automatically changes the 'Response' on the submittal workflow to 'Submitted.' A progress indicator also appears next to the attachments in the 'Latest Response' area. It may take a few minutes for the attachment upload to complete. 
    Note: You can log out of Procore before the upload is complete.

    After the upload, the system responds as follows:
    • The system sends an email notification to the 'Submittal Manager' to alert him or her that the submittal was updated (the email will have the subject line 'Approver Response And Comment Changed for Submittal').
    • If there are other approvers on the workflow step, the system will wait for all the required users to submit a response before shifting the ball in court to the next workflow step. To learn more about submittal workflows, see What happened to sequential and parallel approval in the submittal workflow?
    • After an 'Approved' response is submittal by each approver on the submittal workflow, the system will send the 'Submittal Manager' an automated email notification to alert him or her of the response. This email has the subject line 'Approver Response And Comment Changed for Submittal'. When the final approval is submitted, the 'Submittal Creator' becomes the submittal's Ball In Court person. The submittal can then be distributed to the team. See Distribute a Submittal or Distribute the Submittals in a Package

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